Blocking SPAM from Your Concrete5 Website

So your new website is finally finished and you anxiously await greetings on your guestbook and serious inquiries from your contact page form. Unfortunately, you’re now swamped with spam messages and solicitations. Concrete5 has features built in to help minimize how much you receive!

The first line of defense:  Always add the Captcha feature to reduce automated or computer generated spam. Captcha presents an image that is difficult to read by machine but can be solved by the human user.
Remember, lots of spam is generated by humans that can bypass Captcha… but it’s more work for them to do than to just look for other sites without that protection.

Secondly: When using the Guest Book block on your website, I strongly recommend selecting the option of all comments needing prior approval before being displayed. This option will keep unwanted spam from appearing if it made it past your Captcha input.
And Lastly: On your Concrete5 dashboard on the Systems & Settings page, you’ll find the Permissions & Access area has a spot for blocking IP address’.  Often times, a large amount of spam may be generated from one particular IP address associated with a server somewhere in the world. If you are able to identify the IP, you can manually block it from your site completely. BONUS FEATURE… you can also block anyone from any IP address that has tried multiple times to log into your site without a valid password (this ban can be permanent or you may select a short time in order to discourage would be hackers without permanently  punishing a registered user that forgot their password).
There are many advanced options available to enhance site protection, but the three simple features we just reviewed are easy to implement and effective for much of the spam happening today.
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