Block Specific TomatoCart Users Based on Area or IP Address

For some reason, you may need to block some specific users from accessing your store. It is possible to do that with the following service module – Block Users in this article.


1. Set the block areas and ip addresses for your store in the admin panel.

block_users2. The specific users are forbidden to access your store front


Installation Guide

Step 1. Download the

Step 2. Unzip it and copy the admin, ext, includes directories and import_ips.php file into the web root directory in where the TomatoCart system was installed. You need to override directories and files if your copy process request confirmation.

Step 3. Run the import_ips.php with enter into your browser to create the database table and import the ip addresses data into the database. After that, please delete the import_ips.php from your TomatoCart root directory.

Step 4.  Go to Admin Panel > Modules > Services > Block Users to set the block areas and specific ip addresses for your store.

That’s it. If you need our assistance, please just contact us via email We will provide professional technical support freely for Arvixe users.

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  1. Rafi Maina says:

    I manage to install it. Soon I will check it 🙂 Thanks a gain and again Jack !

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