How to Block IP Addresses on ASP Plans Using Remote IIS Manager

Sometimes you may want to block certain people from visiting your site. They may be trying to guess your password or maybe you simply do not want them to have access to your website. On an ASP plan, this can be handled easily via Remote IIS Manager.

First, download and Install IIS Remote Manager. Then, make a remote IIS Management username by use the “Management” tab in your control panel. The tab is located under the website properties of the website you wish to manage. Then connect to your webspace using IIS Remote Manager.

You can read more about installing IIS Remote Manager and connecting here

Once you are connected, double click on IPv4 Address and Domain Restrictions, which is located under the IIS subsection. This will bring you to the IP Block/Allow list for your website space.

You can Deny IP Addresses by clicking on “Add Deny Entry…” under Actions on the right side of the window.

To block a single IP address, click the radio button for “Specific IPv4 address” and paste the IP address you would like to block into the form. Click OK. You have now blocked a specific IP address from your web space.

To block a range of IP addresses, click the radio button for “IPv4 address range” instead. Insert the range you would like to block into the first text box and in the second text box. Click OK. You have now blocked a range of IP addresses from your web space. (Do note: “” in the second text box is only correct if the IP range you are on the same C-class. This means all the numbers except for the last octet in the IP at the start of the range are the same as all the numbers except for the last octet in the IP at the end of the range you are blocking. Ex: and are in the same C-class. and are not in the same C-class. If you are trying to block a range that spans multiple C-classes, you will need to use a different netmask. This information is not covered in the scope of this tutorial.)

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