Best Practices for Your Joomla Website

In this article I will discuss several tips to have a secure and in good condition joomla website. Best practices to give you a good maintenance to the website that we are managing. 

Updating Joomla

You need to upgrade your Joomla site, it is important to keep your CMS updated to avoid future problems we may take longer be able to fix. However, it is not necessary to upgrade to a new version as soon it comes out, update once a version has been released (joomla 1.5.x, joomla 2.5.x joomla 3).


Updating extensions

It is important to always have the newest version of the extensions installed on your Joomla website, in order to prevent problems, or server incompatibilities. With updates you can get new features to your website and prevent any security breach.


Size of images

Always resize the images you use on your post, so that your Joomla site renders fast on any type of connection. You use an appropriate size that is not too small nor too large.



Always keep your site search engine friendly, for a good search engine optimization.
You also have to keep your keywords list up to date with the trends of new keywords based on your users.




Backing up your website is very important. These backups can help in cases of failure to perform a misconfiguration or any security breach that might affect your site. You can restore your site to its original state with periodic backups.


That’s all, these tips may be obvious for the experts, but may be useful for people beginners.

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