Beginners Guide to Creating a Website

This guide will help you start on your feet on creating a website.

What is a Web Host?

A web host is a company that sells you web space for you to host your website. Without web space, you can’t have a website up.

1) First, you would need a server to put your website online. A server is what holds your website up.

You can purchase a web server from Arvixe here: Chances are you will need a Personal Class Linux account as it is the most common (Windows is another platform but its more advanced and not a lot of people use Windows compared to Linux). Personal Class is what you need as you’re starting off a website (It’s made for small websites). As your website grows, you’ll need to upgrade your servers to Business Class, VPS Class and if it gets very big, you’ll need a Dedicated Class.

You can check out Personal Class plans here:

Once you purchase a plan, you will get an email: (I hid my personal information/server information as you can see)

If you signed up with a domain with us, you don’t need to read the second step and you can proceed to step 3.

2) Now that you have the Name Servers which you can again see below:

You insert those Name Servers into your Domain Registrar (This is where you bought your Domain at. Depending on where you bought your Domain from, you log into your account, go to Domain Management and where it says Manage DNS Records or Manage Name Servers, you put what you see in your email or my Name Server which is: goes first, then goes to the second Name Server. Once you do that, click “Submit”, “Update” or something around those lines depending on what your Domain Registrar has it as. It can take up to 72 hours for your Domains DNS (Domain Name Server) propagation to occur. It usually gets done much faster than that depending on your Internet Service Provider.

What are Name Servers?

That’s what is used to connect your web server to your domain so when you write (Domain is the name of your website, so it can be like your website will load up.

Upload content to your Website

3) Now, your Domain may not be available yet as it takes time for it to propagate, so what you can do is, is use the IP provided in the email (It says Server’s Shared IP underneath “Shared IP Information (Advanced) and put it in the host name in FileZilla. FileZilla is a program you use to connect to your website and upload content there. We have an article on how to use FileZilla to upload content to your website here:

Here is a list of other ways to upload files using cPanel (cPanel is the control panel that is used for your web server), and more!

1. How and Where to Upload Site Files Using cPanel

2. Installing WordPress using Fantastico

3. Installing Software in Softaculous: The Basics

4. How to Backup Your Website Using cPanel

This concludes a Beginners Guide on how to create a Website.

Looking for quality web hosting? Look no further than Arvixe Web Hosting!

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