Basic Elgg Hosting Recomendations

This is just some basic recommendations for Arvixe users who use Elgg CMS.

From time to time, Beta versions of Elgg are released for people to test before releasing a final version. It is strongly recommended that you don’t test those versions on our servers. The reason why we discourage you from doing that is because those versions are still in development, and come with bugs. Those bugs could cause problems in our servers, so please, wait until a stable version is released.

We provide the latest version of Elgg and we strongly suggest that you use that one. We support older versions, however, newer versions have more security enhancements that prevent attacks. For more information on how to install the newest version of Elgg, please read this post. For information on how to upgrade your current version of Elgg without removing any of the information on your site, please read this post.

This now concludes Basic Elgg Hosting Recomendations.

For more info about Elgg hosting solutions, visit Arvixe-Elgg Hosting

Happy Hosting!

Rodolfo Hernandez

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