Backup and Restore for Joomla

XCloner is a Backup and Restore component. The purpose is to allow us the possibility to clone our Joomla installation. In this article I will explain how to create a Full Backup and Restore for Joomla using XCloner.

  1. Get the XCloner-Backup and Restore component for Joomla.
    • Features:
      • Create full or partial backups based on your input.
      • Create simple or compressed backups based on your configuration input.
      • Possibility to create incremental backups, so you avoid the time limit problems on php script executions.
      • Possibility to exclude directory and files from the backup, manually or through cron settings (AJAX powered).
      • Create backups based on a cron task, created backups can be stored on the local server, remotely through ftp or emailed to a custom email account.
      • The generated clone of XCloner can be restored on a totally different server, with new server and mysql details.
      • Restore both simple and compressed archives.
      • Restore script is independent from the main component and Joomla and can be run on any host.
      • Full restore of a clone made with XCloner.
      • Ability to restore the original files and directories permissions.
      • Automatic re-write of the new host settings to the configuration file.
  2. Sign into Joomla as administrator:
  3. Go to menu “Extensions -> Extension Manager”. Install XCloner-Backup and Restore component: Extension Managerinstall xcloner componen
  4. Then, go to menu “Components -> xcloner”. After the installation, it’s ready to use: menu componet
  5. This is the main screen of the component, from here we can generate backups, download backup and restore your site: xcloner main screen
    Create a backup

    Create a backup

    Generating a backup

    Generating a backup

    Backups created. Section to restore

    Backups created. Section to restore

And that’s it! With this component you can create your backups from the backend.

This concludes Backup and Restore for Joomla.

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  1. Jesus says:


    I try to a Backup with XCloner Manager. But XCloner just backup 2 files.
    I hope you can help me.

    Jesús Molina

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