Backing Up view_paths

There was a major update on the Elgg platform. The new version, Elgg 1.7.4, has some major security changes and enhacements. Their community provides OpenGL plugins that anyone can use free of charge. However, they still host plugins from previous versions, that can hurt your site.

When installing a plugin that is not compatible with your version or one that doesn’t say which version is compatible, may cause a small problem that could be solved by disabling the plugin. Sounds good, right? Well, some plugins may cause a problem called “White Screen of Death”(WSOD).

A WSOD pretty much “destroys” your site. Disabling the plugin that caused that won’t solve the problem, and that’s why you should back up your “view_paths” file. This file is located inside your “elgg data” folder, which is located outside your “public_html”.

Before trying a new plugin, make sure you have a copy of that file, because, in case a problem arises, you just disable the plugin and then overwrite your current “view_path”

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