Backing up data from Arvixe and send it to DropBox

If you are like me than backing up data seems to be a thankless task. On one hand you wish people would appreciate the need for it, while on the other you hope people never need it. It can be very time consuming and tedious. Using Arvixe Control is easily to set up scheduled task to backup databases, files, and web sites — which is a great first step. However; backing up your data on the same server or at the same location is not only inadequate, it is also can be dangerous. Even Arvixe has this to say about backup and restore;….
While we attempt to have the latest backups at all times, the backup system is meant to provide us (Arvixe) with a way to completely restore the system in cases of disaster recovery. Therefore, we do not provide any guarantees as far as the ability of an individual customer restoring just their account.

I completely understand their disclaimers and if I were them I would make the same claim. After all, it is impossible for any organization to completely (100%) guarantee that they can restore your data all the time. I can also say that in all of the years in using Arvixe they never have had to do this for me. Saying this, I also have to say that this does not eliminate the need for me to be careful. So what can you do to add yet another level of protection? You can allow Arvixe to backup the data but then you can transfer the data to another site. Now; this is where it gets interesting. After checking online and trying to find a site that accepts FTP (Arvixe can use this to put the file somewhere) there are relatively few cloud vendors that will accept direct FTP Connections.

After spending several days and a couple of weeks, I have found a solution that should work for most of us developers. The product is called If you have a relatively few files and limited backup requirement then this one solution. Although you cannot schedule this to run unattended (unless you pay a subscription), this will move data successfully from Arvixe backup folders to MyDrive, DropBox, or any other Cloud Storage.

If you have a need for ten times a month backing up your data then this is a free service.

Go check it out and let me know.

Note: I have very little knowledge of their integrity so please be aware of this prior to using them. For me, I created a separate FTP sub-directory at Arvixe with Read/Only capabilities, that way if someone got any information they could not delete or modify and files, and can only go to that one folder. (Just a thought)

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  1. Frances says:

    Thanks for sharing this info. Very useful for planning how to handle my site back-up.

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