Backup phpBB from the Admin Control Panel

Hello everyone.

In my last blog I described how to back up your phpBB through phpMyAdmin. Today I am going to tell you all how to do it through the phpBB software itself.

First go ahead and log into your ACP.

After that look across the top for a tab called Maintenance.  After you find this tab please be sure to click it. You will be taken to a screen that looks like this:


On the left hand menu you will see Backup go ahead and click that and you will see the following screen:


Let’s go through the configuration options really fast:

1. Back up type. You can select from three types of back up. Full, Structure, Data Only.

I always select Full for this one.

2. File type, you also have the ability to select from three types here: gzip, bzip, text

I always select gzip for this one.

3. Action: This allows you to select whether or not you are going to store this back up on the server (Store File Locally) or Download it to your computer (Download) I always Download. In the even the server goes down or you are unable to access it at least you will have the database backed up on your machine and you are always able to access it.

The Final option you will find is Table Select. You will see a Select/Deselect option and a giant text box below it. Here is your tables. You can choose which ones you want to save. I recommend Selecting All.

After all of that is completed select Submit.

If it was done correctly you should see the following screen:


I hope this helps! If you need anything more please feel free to ask a question below!

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