How to Automate Your Email Vacation Message

Applied on: Windows (ASP) hosting plan

So you are going on vocation. You want to put a message in your mailbox so any incoming email for your mailbox should store in your mailbox and sender notified about your unavailability for prompt reply. You have auto reply option in control panel. Once the vocation period end, you need to remove that auto-reply message. There is a way to remove that auto-reply message automatically at end of your vocation period. That way can be applied when you are creating your auto reply message in control panel.

auto reply2

The steps are as below;

  1. Open email account properties by clicking on your email address link.
  2. Once you completed your vocation reply subject and message, click on a checkbox (selection box) named “Automatically expire:”
  3. Once you click on this checkbox, a date picker will appear. Where you can chose the date on which you wish to expire your vocation message.
  4. Once you select your desire future date, you have to press update button to apply your changes.
  5. By above steps after provided date the sender of email to your mailbox, will not receive auto reply from your email address.

This automation helps administrators to ease their job.

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