Auto Configure Email Client for Your Email Address

Applied on: cPanel Hosted Email Account

Many people manually create their email accounts in a POP/IMAP client. This requires that they know each setting parameter to configure their email client (like MS Outlook). If they miss a single parameter, the email client will be unable to acces the email server. cPanel provides ready-made scripts to each email user. The email user can download this script after logging in to his/her webmail account as described below:

1. Log in to your webmail account. Normally this can be done by

2. After logging in, click the link “Configure Mail Client”.

3 . Step 2 will open the screen below:

Here you can find download links for a few email clients. You may click any one as per your choice to download the settings file. For windows, this file will be a registry updation file (.reg extension) and for Mac this will be a zip (archive) file.

The .reg file once executed, will add registry entry into your windows operating system. When you restart your email client, you can find the new email account already configured.

The manual configuration details can also be found on the page in step 3.

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4 Comments on Auto Configure Email Client for Your Email Address

  1. Steven says:

    This page no longer applies. I would like to know how to do a set up, and I really would like my config files in order to do set up.

  2. Naveed Ashraf says:

    What the mean of this page no longer applies.
    Please explain.

    If you are using arvixe hosting and on Cpanel shared hosting server, the email user can login into webmail. By visiting webmail site (like, your first page will be as shown in step 2. Are you able to see this page?

  3. Gregg says:

    I’ve noticed a few blog postings that do not apply to your Windows hosting, only Linux. Is this one of them? If so, it would be helpful to explain up front when there is a difference between Windows and Linux. When I log into my email, I go straight to the AfterLogic WebMail Pro page. Nothing like the above and no spamassasin, or any other anti-spam options that other support documents reference (without saying they are for Linux only). Thanks

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