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My name is Tj Marsh. I spend about 16 hours a day on the internet. Running my company and helping out here at Arvixe. I live in the good ole Arizona where it gets ridiculously hot. I love WordPress and a lot of other open source software along with coding.

WordPress: Common Installation Problems and Fixes

Common Installation Problems The following are some of the most common installation problems.

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Use Softaculous to Backup WordPress

Although the main purpose of Softaculous is to install new applications with a single click, it can be used to create a full backup of your WordPress site.

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WordPress – Migrating Multiple Blogs: Multisite -4.2.2 Update

Since Version 3.0 and on to 4.2.2, WordPress includes new multisite features, meaning that it can run many blogs, even with their own separate domains, on one WordPress installation. This …

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