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I am a web programmer currently employed at UCSB. I have been developing web applications professionally for 8+ years now. For the last 5 years I’ve been actively developing websites primarily in PHP using Drupal. I have experience using LAMP and developing data driven websites for clients in aviation, higher education and e-commerce. If you’d like to contact me I can be reached at

Example Search Page using Search API with Solr and Views

Integrating Solr with Drupal is not altogether difficult but there can be quite a few steps. If you opted to install Solr yourself in your network environment that is 1 …

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Drupal 7: Views exposed form layout module

Recently I wanted to take a Views Exposed Filter and theme it up to look nice! … and I didn’t want to do a ton of work. So I wanted …

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Scheduled video captures on Ubuntu 14.04 using Bash

As I’ve mentioned in other blog posts I occasionally attend E-classes on interesting topics. Lately, I have been attending a Korean 101 course on The instructor, class participants and …

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