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Pete Cooper has been using Textpattern since 2005. Textpattern is his preferred CMS weapon of choice. Its logical and flexible approach to content management makes Pete happy, as does its lightweight core and helpful user community. Pete's website - - runs on top of Textpattern and chronicles his day-to-day experiences from his home near the Atlantic in north Cornwall, United Kingdom.

Using Textpattern CMS `newer` and `older` tags

This is part four of my five part series on Textpattern CMS navigational tags. I’m going to follow the format of the previous posts and explain about a couple of …

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How to use Textpattern CMS category navigational tags

Continuing in this series of articles about Textpattern CMS navigational tags, it’s time to learn how to use the collection of tags that relate to categories. There are four in …

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Get familiar with Textpattern CMS `section` and `section_list` tags

For the fifth and final part of this series on Textpattern navigational tag specifics, the time has come to cover a couple of tags that deal with sections, specifically: `section` …

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