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Pete Cooper has been using Textpattern since 2005. Textpattern is his preferred CMS weapon of choice. Its logical and flexible approach to content management makes Pete happy, as does its lightweight core and helpful user community. Pete's website - - runs on top of Textpattern and chronicles his day-to-day experiences from his home near the Atlantic in north Cornwall, United Kingdom.

User Management in Textpattern

Managing users in Textpattern CMS is a useful feature if you have an organisational hierarchy in place for your authors and contributors. User management is a much lower priority in …

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Quick Reference: Textpattern User Permissions

In my previous article I introduced the different Textpattern CMS user roles and permission. I promised you I’d make a quick reference for users and their permissions – and here …

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Roles and Permissions in Textpattern

Content management systems often include functionality for multiple user logins, management of those users and also the content they create. Textpattern CMS is one of these systems that offers a …

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