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Founder, developer and owner of - By profession, he is a software programmer / web developer, web designer & DBA. He is passionate about technology and electronic gadgets. He enjoys writing tech articles and developing web applications. He is a nopCommerce MVP and author of official nopCommerce Designer's Guide.

How to add the missing vendors search engine friendly page names during nopCommerce installation

Recently, it was reported by nopCommerce users that vendors search engine friendly page names are missing during the installation process. Due to the missing information, a user cannot go to the …

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How to view customers by order total report in nopCommerce

In order to manage and analyze the well-being of an e-Commerce store site, it is quite important for an online business owner to have access to sales and marketing reports. …

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How to fix image resizing bug in nopCommerce

Recently, a bug was reported in nopCommerce 3.70 version that is related to image resizing. Today, we will go over the process / step to fix this bug in 3.70 …

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