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Hi, I'm Andrew. A am a 26, ICT Administrator which offers support to company's around the South Wales Area. I have created a few social sites for myself and other company's. So far 2 out of 3 have been successful using the powerful SocialEngine Script. I continue to try and help the community of SocialEngine by giving Support and Technical Help where possible.

SocialEngine 4: Iphone, Android Home Screen Icon

Do you wish for your members to be able to access your site with once touch from their Andriod phone or iPhone? Well now they can by creating a shortcut to the website …

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SocialEngine 4: Hide Mini-Menu

Sometimes there is a need to hide sections of your site from visitors and it members you. In this blog I will show you have you will be able to …

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SocialEngine 4: Unknown column ‘levels’ in ‘engine4_core_pages’

If while upgrading SocialEngine, you receive an error with a message similar to the following: “Core (4.x.x) Query failed with error: Mysqli statement execute error : Unknown column ‘levels’ in …

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