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I am a web application developer that specializes in PHP, JAVASCRIPT, MYSQL, HTML, and CSS. We manifest exciting potentials within the world wide web through means of innovation.

Opencart 2.0 (Choosing the best hardware)

It is important to choose the hardware that best suits your shopping cart needs. Knowing this, in this article I’ll point out some basic points to help you choose the …

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Opencart 2.0 What’s new (extended)

Before I had written an article on some of the most stand-out new features of Opencart 2.0. This will be an extension of that article and will list some more …

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OpenCart 2.0 (Normalizing database / extensions)

This article will describe the basics of Database Normalization and how it can relate to your OpenCart Store. Each OpenCart store has a database whether you know it or not. …

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