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Anand works as a freelance writer based in Trivandrum, India. Anand runs NetAns, which provides hosting for developers and small scale businesses. He also provides blog installation services. He runs his own blog - and maintains a video portal which publishes videos related to web hosting, windows, social media and other technology related matters- You can follow Anand on twitter - @visualanand

Page Navigation in WordPress

By default WordPress includes a very basic pagination system though what if you wanted more? Using the plugin WP-PageNavi you can customize the pagination system from layout, styling and so …

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Extend your WordPress Text Editor with Zedity

WordPress ships with a default text editor which has minimum formatting options. With the help of Zedity WordPress plugin, you will be able to create content using advanced options available …

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Getting Started with ClipBucket

In the previous video, you learned about the necessary steps to install ClipBucket. The next process is to upload videos you have created to your own ClipBucket powered video portal.

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