Arvixe Liaison Program – Now Hiring!

If you have knowledge about a particular application or software, you might be interested in knowing about the Arvixe Community Liaison role!

The Community Liaison Program is a role between any major software or application and Arvixe. Have you read articles regarding any of the hundreds of software on the Arvixe Blog? Have you ever posted a question in the forum regarding an application or software? If so, chances are you have read or been helped by a Community Liaison! With over twenty liaisons, we are able to assist costumers on and off of Arvixe.

Here are some of our most popular blog articles from this year, written by liaisons:
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Integrate Product Filters Box Into TomatoCart’s Bootstrap Template
Add Custom Action in Alfresco Share

The Community Liaison role has the liaison active on the software community forum and the Arvixe community forum, looking over new posts and assisting individuals with questions that you are able to respond to. If there is a resolution of an issue that is directly resolved through steps taken within the particular software or application, the liaison assists the individual with the issue and documents it is on the Arvixe Blog! The liaison also posts blog articles every month in regards to their software or other general web knowledge.

At Arvixe, we host thousands of websites; from family photo albums to personal blogs to big businesses. The Arvixe Blog is read by hundreds of users every day, which provides the software and the liaison a great means of advertisement. The liaisons profile will link back to their own website and their profile may advertise their services. Liaisons receive an Arvixe email account, access to the Arvixe Blog as an author, and a free hosting account through Arvixe! In addition, liaisons are paid monthly for their services with an opportunity to earn even more through referrals!

If you are interested, please send an email to alex.ali [at] Since becoming a Community Liaison is competitive, please include your experience with the software you are interested in writing about, any skills that may help you in this position, if you are currently active on the software/application forum, links to any previous blog articles or forum posts you have made, and why you are interested in becoming a Community Liaison.

I look forward to hearing from and discussing this with many of you!

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