Arvixe is #1: Reader’s Choice Award – 2011

Arvixe wants to thank all our great fans out there who voted for us in the Host Review 2011 Reader’s Choice Award! We are proud to be at the top, but it is an even greater honor to have our customers’ be so vocal about our services. We look forward to setting the bar for excellent service and cutting edge hosting environments for years to come.

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Chime in below! How has Arvixe helped you in 2011?

Thanks again for casting your votes!


The Arvixe Team

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Mike Hoffman

Student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. I currently manage Arvixe's affiliate program, social media, and university outreach program.

3 Comments on Arvixe is #1: Reader’s Choice Award – 2011

  1. Michael C says:

    A huge congratulations to everyone that is part of Arvixe Hosting. Everyone knows there are beyond countless hosts on the Internet. Before Arvixe, I used to go through hosts like underwear, all breaking their promises of even “good” services.

    Hosting is how I stay open 24 hours, it’s a crucial tool for my business and future business. I needed to stop host-hopping, so I could focus on my business and customers. It was about 5 years ago, I was tired of reading dishonest hosting reviews, and always being disappointed, even paying more wasn’t helping me.

    Like a true geek, I had an idea for a little experiment, that would help me choose a reputable hosting company, much more objectively than my looking at flashy ads in a drenched market sector. It took me several days, but I setup an Excel spreadsheet to help me decide… I know, geeky, but very useful.

    I spent days comparing hosts, my past experiences and other relevant data. At the end of the data collection, I had very detailed information about 41 different hosts. Here’s the fun part, as I went along comparing, I colored each cell in Excel in either red, green, yellow or black. If say a host didn’t offer 99.99% uptime, it got a yellow (maybe), or a red (no way).

    As I colored the squares in, it was tedious, but I now knew the big picture. The host that had the least or no red or yellow
    cells, stood out in bright green. Some hosts were darkened if they wouldn’t be able to make the cut for my needs. I kept seeing the name Arvixe, because it was the column that had the most bright green cells, measuring in terms of storage, price, control panel and such.

    I didn’t know what the word Arvixe meant, but it totally did not matter to me. I took my experiment a step further, as I looked at the glowing green in the Arvixe column. Without further thought, and this is not my usual way of doing things, I went straight to the website and signed up for a hosting package for multiple domains.

    That was almost 5 years ago, as you can see, my experiment was right on the money, Arvixe just won Best Host of 2011.
    In the 5 years I have been with Arvixe, I have had such little trouble, that it’s hard to remember. More so, each time I had a problem, it was usually solved in an hour or two.

    I can personally vouch for the Arvixe support team as well, they have always been knowledgeable, friendly, and they get your problem fixed. I am so enthusiastic about Arvixe, because whereas I was going through nightmares with incompetent horror hosts, all of that truly ceased, when Excel told me without doubt, to go with Arvixe.

    I’ll shut up now, but I do have a comment, dearest Arvixe, you mentioned in your thank you letter for the hosting award, “We look forward to setting the bar for excellent service and cutting edge hosting…”

    You have all already achieved that, all that’s why I write novels about your standout hosting and service..
    I am one of the pickiest people on this earth, and the Arvixe team and resources suit me well in every area.

    Cheers and Congratulations for a Well-Deserved Award


    • Hello Michael,

      Thank you for your kind words! Thanks to costumers like you, Arvixe has received 1st place! We greatly appreciate your support and business.

      The Arvixe Team

  2. Andrew Ivanov says:

    I have long searched for a suitable hosting. When found Arvixe, I immediately realized that this is what I need! And I stopped at Arvixe more than half a year ago, and still have never regretted! Thank you. Keep it up!!!

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