Arvixe Featured in the San Fernando Valley Business Journal

On November 11th Arvixe was featured in the San Fernando Valley Business Journal as one of the fastest growing private companies in the greater Valley claiming the #4 spot. The article features our founder Arvand Sabetian, where he candidly addresses questions about the challenges of starting the company, the growth of Arvixe, future plans and lessons he has learned over the years while also giving some of his own personal advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Arvixe Featured in San Fernando Valley Business Journal

Arvixe: Provides web hosting for small businesses, enterprise and personal websites.
Founded: 2003
Revenue Growth: 200 percent
2012 Revenue: $7.8 million

Where did you get the idea for your company?
I started designing websites for businesses back in high school and the natural progression was to host them.

Where did you get your initial financing?
Self-financed. With the $20 to $50 per month reseller accounts available on the market, there was not a large barrier to entry to start offering such services.

What was your biggest challenge when starting your company?
Finding dedicated talent and trustworthy people to help with decision making and operations of the company as the operation grew.

What was your big break?
There was really not a single moment that I can call as the big break. However, the big break was probably during the toughest time as we grew very rapidly and had to keep up with the costs and the burdens of the growth. The initial growth spurt began shortly after I graduated from college and concentrated full-time on the company in 2009.

How has Arvixe kept up its growth?
We’ve done it by catering to every need of web developers who find it hard to work with companies catering to a wide variety of audiences. This includes providing the lowest possible price at the highest possible quality for the constituents that appreciate the value of the product we are offering (developers).

What are the future growth plans for your company?
By continuing to identify niches to cater to the needs of our largest customer demographic (developers) and to come up with creative partnerships that bring value to all parties involved to dominate the niche in question.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned?
People are everything. It is easy, even today, to get caught up in the day-to-day operation and briefly overlook the value of the individuals who have been around Arvixe for years and really make this company what it is today. Our staff members are the most important asset that Arvixe possesses.

Any words of wisdom for budding entrepreneurs?
I’ve always tried my best to have at least a high level of knowledge of what my staff is attempting or working on. This allows for a few things that I believe have been key in our growth and evolution during the growth.

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