Arvixe and Reporting Services Consuming Options (Part 4 of 7)

In Part 1 of this series we talked about SSRS in general and then in Part 2 confirmed SSRS was installed and configured properly, and Part 3 showed how to deploy a report using VS2012. Today I want to talk briefly about your options for actually using or consuming Reporting Services. Before I provide any examples, you need to understand that there are really three ways to consume all reports from SSRS. Each way has some advantages and disadvantages and are not unique to Arvixe.

As in most things the more time you can spend on something the more benefits you will receive and SSRS is no exception. The graph below shows a simple correlation between the three options and the output (Figure 1). I will give you actual examples of consuming these reports.


For a partial list of advantages and disadvantages please see the matrix below, also keep in mind that some of these advantages and disadvantages relate directly to using Arvixe as your hosting provider.

SSRS consume type Advantages Disadvantages
num1 Direct url
  1. Very quick to implement.
  2. Do not need to learn any .net code
  3. Easily divide reports into logical directories
  4. Don’t need any additional software
  1. Limited on setting security access (Everyone uses same login)
  2. Need to set up a new SSRS account for each web site
  3. Can’t style or brand UI. (It might look disconnected and broken from your main site.
  4. URL not easily remembered
num2 Implement Report Viewer Control
  1. Still deploy and consume report fairly easy.
  2. Better UI and style integration.
  3. Do not need a new SSRS account for each web site.
  4. Do not need to remember URL for report source.
  1. Still Limited on “customizing” the report window.
  2. Looks like an embedded report rather than an integrated report.
  3. Need to know .net with controls.
  4. Need to add other controls just to use it. (Script Manager)
  5. Have to render report in a web form before doing anything with it.
num3 Use Web Service
  1. Complete control over report interface
  2. Complete UI and style integration with existing web site
  3. Do not need any controls to produce report
  4. Accessible through a range of technologies (not just .net)
  5. Can use one Arvixe account for all your report needs.
  6. Very Professional results. Can send back data in excel, pdf, etc
  7. Build other extensions such as email and other delivery methods.
  1. Longest of the three to implement
  2. Good working knowledge of .NET / web services
  3. A little more challenging to debug.

If you can think of other advantages or disadvantages for each type then drop me a note and I will add them and give you credit. My next articles will look at each of these methods and provide examples. If you want to read them then start here with.

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