Arvixe and OSTraining!

OSTraining explains how to use top rated software to create your perfect website! They make it simple and easy to understand, whether you are just starting or have been in the business for years! Companies from Apple to IBM, Yale to The White House, and many more all use OSTraining to get ahead of the game! Now that Arvixe and OSTraining are working together, it’s your turn!

OSTraining has several great features and is very easy to use! Their interface provides you with easy navigation so you have everything you need at your fingertips!

Their online training allows you to choose from several course categories.


Simply click on the course category that you want.


Then the specific course that you want.


Then select your class.


And finally click on the lesson that you want!


Now you can watch the lessons to learn about your software of choice!

Their forum gives you a great place to search and ask questions and find the solutions you need!


Their fantastic blog provides you with regular updates and important how-to’s for Joomla, WordPress and Drupal.


They provide you with coupons, discounts, template providers, and developers.


You can even get live training; either public or private!

live training

They can help you learn how to code just about anything! OSTraining specializes in Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. And since Arvixe provides the perfect hosting platform for these software, you are almost completely equipped to get ahead! From beginner to intermediate levels, you can choose how you want to learn and at your own pace!

To get started, just click here and start designing your dream website!

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