Article manager options in Joomla

In this article, I will explain how to access and how to configure the Article manager options in Joomla. Article Options configuration allows setting of parameters used globally for all articles in Joomla.

Let’s begin, simply following the steps below:

First, log in as an administrator, in the top menu, click on Content -> Articles:

top menu articles Article manager options in Joomla

Then, you will have access to the administration section of articles. To enter the settings options, click the Options button located on the right side:

click options button Article manager options in Joomla

Here you have access to the settings Article manager options. Settings such as title, date, author, layouts and more:

Articles tab

Articles tab

Editing Layout tab

Editing Layout tab

Permissions tab

Permissions tab

And that’s it! Accessing the global configuration of Article Options in Joomla, you will have the ability to customize your Joomla website.

This concludes Article manager options in Joomla.

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