Apply Rules to Existing Contents in Alfresco

When you add rules to a space that already contains content, the rules are not applied to the existing content by default. You must reapply the rules to that space to ensure the existing content is included.

  1. Navigate to the space whose content rules you want to manage.

The space header displays the name and details of the space.

  1. In the More Actions menu, click Manage Content Rules.

    Apply Rule in Alfresco

    Apply Rule in Alfresco

  1. In the More Actions menu of the Content Rules page,
  2. Click Reapply Rules In Space or Reapply Rules in Space and Children.
Apply Rule in Alfresco

Apply Rule in Alfresco

You are notified when the rules have been reapplied.

Apply Rule in Alfresco

Apply Rule in Alfresco

  1. Click Close to return to the current space.

This is very important feature of Alfresco CMS as I have seen many cases where we need to perform certain operations on all the existing contents in the repository due to some business requirement any content model changes or any other miscellaneous situation. This is very helpful we can use it as a patch.

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