APC in Elgg

In this article I will give you an insight about Alternative PHP Cache (APC) in elgg. This plugin doesn’t fix any errors, doesn’t make the site faster and it is more of a pseudo APC. It’s just an administration tool that makes it easier to clear the caches after changes have been made to the Elgg source code. It is useful when extending views in elgg or adding a new plugin.1. First you have to download APC Tools. This plugin includes APC statistics page and also an APC system cache flushing button.

2. Once you download the plugin, unzip the file and copy to the mod folder

3. Next log into elgg as an administrator. Go to the Administration Dashboard, then go to menu “Configure > Plugins“:

elgg plugins menu4. Then search for “APC Tools 1.0” and click on activate…

APC Elgg integration active5. On the Administration Dashboard, you will have a new option called “Flush APC” where you can flush all views within your elgg network in a better way than using the regular “Flush the Caches”.

flush apc elgg

6. To review the statics of your APC, go to menu “Administer > Statistic > APC“:
administer menu elgg7. In the APC statistics you can see the numbers of hits and also the entries on your elgg network:

apc statistics elgg8. Keep in mind that this is more of a pseudo APC that you can use on our shared servers. This tool was developed for elgg users so that they can get more statistics about their site and also to fully flush all caches.

This concludes APC in elgg

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