Another Way to Fix a White Screen of Death in Elgg

On a previous post I put a way to recover your site from a White Screen of Death (WSOD).  A WSOD is when you refresh your Elgg site and instead of showing your content, a blank, white page is displayed instead.

White Screen of Death Example

This occurs when there is  a PHP syntax error within your code. Most of the time it happens for some bad code on a third party plugin, a corrupted file on your server, or a php call module that was not entirely loaded.

If this WSOD is being caused by bad plugin, follow this instructions in order to disable any plugin that may be causing that problem.

1. Create an empty file. Name it disabled. How to do this? First, right click on your desktop, go to New and select Text Document:

A *.txt document will be created. Rename to disabled, with no extension, like this:

2. Copy that file to YourElggSite/mod/. It will disable all the plugins installed on your Elgg site.

3. Try to log in. If there is no WSOD, it means it was a bad plugin. Go to the Administration page and disable any third party plugin that may be causing the problem.

4. Finally, delete the empy disabled file from the mod folder on your server and your site will be fixed:

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Happy Hosting!

Rodolfo Hernandez

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