Anatomy of Alfresco share document actions

You must have seen various actions which are available on alfresco share documents which enables users to manage those contents easily. All those actions needs to be backed by some sort of logic to render user interface and data webscripts to extend action effects to repository.

Here we will go through details how actions are implemented in alfresco share. Once we understand the existing framework it is very easy to customize it. So, here we go.

Configuration File:

for all alfresco share document related actions configurations are placed in file share-documentlibrary-config.xml which you could see under


This enable us to pass parameters to actions based on which behavior of action can be changed.

You will also notice “evaluator” tags in most of the action configurations.

These evaluators decides action should be rendered or not based on permissions and other criterias.

All evaluators are defined under file slingshot-documentlibrary-context.xml


Page Configuration File:



You will be able to see following entry which adds document actions related component on document detail page.

















Document detail page consist of multiple components and document-actions is one of the

Now based on this entry it will try to load document-action component.

Document Action Component

All files related to that components can be found here.


In file document-actions.get.js you will notice that This webscript internally call document-actions widget(Alfresco.DocumentActions) which is defined in document-actions.js.

Document Action widget

document-actions.js entry can found here


Here you will be able to see how that widget is defined.All rendering logic for different actions and all javascript functions which are bound with actions are defined here. This the end point for alfresco actions within alfresco share.

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