An Overview of Galleries in ocPortal Part 2

manage galleriesThis is part 2 of an overview of the Gallery system within ocPortal and covers managing and displaying your galleries on your ocPortal website. Part 1 covered a general overview of the features which are included within the ocPortal Gallery system. If you have not read part 1 I would recommend reading that before reading part 2.

Managing your gallery in ocPortal

You will find the manage galleries screen within the content section of your adminzone. You will need to log in to the adminzone and navigate there.

Within this section there are ten options which cover four distinct elements. These elements are

  • Adding and editing a gallery which is, as it sounds, related to adding and editing your galleries. You can add multiple levels of galleries in a tree structure. For example you could section your gallery into different sections then have sub-galleries to cover more specific items.
  • Adding, editing and mass adding images. These three options cover adding image to your gallery including mass uploading images as part of a zip file. Being able to upload multiple images at once can save a lot of time when adding new images to your gallery.
  • Adding and editing videos. Just like the first point this is straight forward and gives the options to add new videos and edit the existing videos within your galleries.
  • Choosing custom fields for images, videos and galleries. ocPortal allows you to add extra fields and choose which will be displayed for each image, video and for the galleries themselves. For example you might choose to add a photo location option for each image.

Embedding galleries in a page

As well as linking directly to one of your galleries in the menus of via a text link there are several comcode blocks which can be simply embedded into your websites pages. These include:

  • A listing of the most popular galleries on your website which is worked out from the ratings given to the galleries by your website visitors
  • Embed a gallery into a page
  • A listing of the most recent galleries which have been added. This can help you promote new galleries and images
  • Show all the galleries which are added as sub galleries to a specific top level gallery
  • A listing of all your galleries. This is a Side block but can also be displayed in the main section of a page
  • An image fader which fades between images in a specific gallery

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