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ocPortal LogoI thought it would be a good idea to have a semi regular round-up of news and other tutorials which aren’t a large enough subjects on their own to warrant a full post.

ocPortal version 9.08 and 9.0.9

In the last 5 or so weeks there have been two new incremental releases for ocPortal in version 9.0.8 and 9.0.9. While these are mostly bug fix releases I thought it would be good to go through some of the more key changes in these two updates. As always I recommend that you keep your website updated to the latest stable version of any software you use.

  • Fixed an issue where a periodic newsletter could not be deleted.
  • The activities addon had an issue where when the addon refreshes it created a duplicate item.
  • 9.0.8 fixed the Canonical URLs in Wiki+ which were not consistent.
  • There were a few bug included in the Facebook addon which have been fixed which included some positioning related issues, one related to blocking and one related to timezones.
  • 9.0.8 fixed an issue where MySQL 4.1 support was not working in version 9.0.7 and also MySQL 5.6 was incompatible with the stats addon.
  • There have been some performance tweaks and improvements related to ocPortal websites with complex layouts.
  • Fixed an error with some adminzone searches returned an error.
  • The usability of adding or editing custom comcode tags has been improved.
  • Fixed minor error which may display an error relating to duplicate content when commenting on news while still adding the comment.
  • Cleared up an issue where guests can add polls to other guest’s posts which could create a spam issue.
  • Cleared up an issue where the main quotes block might not function and create an error on some occasions.
  • Fixed an issue where secondary groups might be lost when editing the account.
  • Cleaned up some of the layout of the gallery.

If you would like to see a full list of what has been fixed and updated in versions 9.0.8 and 9.0.9 please visit the two included links.

ocPortal 10

There was a recent post on the ocPortal blog giving an update on ocPortal version 10 which is in development in the background. Although this won’t be released in the near future the next major version of ocPortal looks to have some large steps forward. These improvements are generally in one of seven areas. On top of these improvements which I will go in to more below there is going to be several new features and sub systems which have been supported by sponsorship from the ocPortal community.

The next version of ocPortal is designed to set ocPortal up for development over the next ten years. The main seven areas being worked on in version 10 are:

  • Configurability including making many currently hidden options easier to configure.
  • Content filtering
  • Further improved code quality and general consistency. This brings together many changes which have been made over the last 10 years.
  • Further performance upgrades. Version 9 was a step forward on previous version with performance against previous versions and version 10 will go further still.
  • Increased enterprise management features
  • Improved documentation
  • Improved interoperability with Social networking.

How to set up Facebook connect for ocPortal

I thought I would share a tutorial from the main ocPortal website which covers installing and configuring this addon. This is a very popular addon and rather than duplicate an already excellent tutorial I thought I would link it here. Setting up the Facebook addon feature in ocPortal

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