An Introduction to Concrete5

More than a simple “website builder,” Concrete5 is a full featured content management system (CMS) that many loyal users would never do without! It features a very intuitive “in-context editing” which, simply put, means you are able to edit the website page without leaving it. It’s fast, intuitive to use, and highly flexible.
Over the last few years, I’ve gained an appreciation for how easy it is to customize to my needs. My customers have really appreciated how easy it is to maintain and edit, largely due to the efforts of the core Concrete5 team. They have taken extraordinary steps to make sure that it is a stable platform that performs predictably. Every website theme and add-on in the marketplace has been thoroughly tested by the C5 Peer Review Board to assure that: A) It works “as advertised” and B) That it’s compatible with all other add-ons and doesn’t create unexpected conflicts. As of yesterday, I counted well over a hundred themes and three hundred add-ons that were absolutely free! Of course there are many more available for very little cost and more technical users can build their own. The basic Concrete5 installation comes with four themes already built in. Navigation, YouTube block, Slideshow, Guestbook, Flash Content, Survey, Blog, and other Essential add-ons are pre-installed as well. In future posts we’ll review these features and discuss how to make them work best.
Arvixe Hosting has Concrete5 available as an easy Softaculous download (installation post) and it even comes preloaded on new hosting plans (preloaded landing page). If you are installing it to a preexisting site, I recommend you install it to your root directory (leave the directory box empty) and select “sample content” to be installed. The sample content is a wonderful example/tutorial of how the basic functions of your new website will operate.
My next post will cover the some basics of editing and customizing your new website. Feel free to request any tutorial covering the use of Concrete5 and I’ll do my best to respond.

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Adrian Rick

Adrian is an "Enthusiastic Website Junky" and active member of the Concrete5 community. As the operations manager for a midwestern manufacturer, he is responsible for the development and maintenence of several commercial websites. His company, Advertisers Resource Company (AdReCo Media) specializes in creating user friendly websites using the open source CMS Concrete5.

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  1. Hans Groschel says:

    Any tutorials on how to start creating pages– wil help.
    Is the version available for trials the lates version?

    thank you

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