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Most of the open source products like Alfresco which are rapidly evolving roll out new versions very regularly. Because there are lot of things going on the market especially mobile and cloud and to catch up with those new trends products has to evolve rapidly and accommodate new features in their products. So, with those new versions coming out rapidly customers are always want to stay up to date to get maximum out of the product and to achieve that they have to upgrade alfresco instance every now and then.

Although In this article alfresco has given detail steps for upgrade, Here we are going to discuss few of the best practices and tips related to alfresco upgrade which will help developers or administrators to achieve seamless transition.

  • Take cold backup of your Alfresco Database using Database manager tool of your database, Indexes and Content Store (alf_data). Create two copy of same backup to be on safer side.
  • Check out the upgrade path given by alfresco to make sure you are not jumping directly to incompatible version. To upgrade to the latest version, first apply the latest service pack for your current version, then upgrade to the latest version (including service pack).

Here you can find all information about upgrade paths.

Alfresco Upgrade Path.

  • Keep in mind indexing engine compatibility. For Instance during upgrade from Alfresco version 3.4.x to 4.0.x, ensure that Lucene subsystem is enabled for the duration of the upgrade. We can enable the Solr subsystem after the upgrade is complete. However, for upgrade from Alfresco version 4.0.x to 4.1.x and use Solr, you do not need to enable Lucene; Solr is automatically enabled.
  • One more important point is to validate your platform is still on the supported stacks for the new version of Alfresco. To get details on that check this See Supported stacks Article.
  • It is recommended not to do in place upgrade always create new fresh alfresco setup of new version then try to apply your backup to that instance.
  • First apply your customization on alfresco instance make sure it is working correctly then apply your backup.
  • Make sure your extensions and customizations are compatible with new version. Compile all your java developments against newer version of Alfresco SDK. Keep in mind JDK version as well.

Summary: These are few tips for upgrade although I am sure you are going to hit many other road blocks during upgrade but if you follow these tips you will surly save your lot of time.

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