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With dramatic upsurge in social media in today’s world it is vital to change most of existing products to include social features in product which Alfresco has realized very early and already adopted this. Here we are going to discuss alfresco capability around these social features. From version 4.0 Alfresco introduced a number of new social features.

Here are few most prominent social features:

Social Channel Publishing This feature enables alfresco administrator to configure various social channels into alfresco through which user can publish both content and status updates to a range of social sites. Some of those out of box channels are YouTube, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr and SlideShare. For example an authorized user can now select a video and using a simple one step ‘publish’ action have it published to Facebook or YouTube. The system will retrieve the published URL and send a status update to Twitter and FaceBook that will include a link to the new video.

Notification Service This service notifies users through an email digests of important changes.

Following – With this feature users can now select to follow influential users. Alfresco use the notification service to notify the users of this new and changed content.

Like – Users can now indicate that they value content by linking it. This gives feedback to other users about how valuable content is.

These features are more important in context to alfresco as it has already adopted hybrid architecture where you can have combination of on-premise and on-cloud infrastructure. Hope this will give you some insight regarding alfresco social media capabilities and will help in proposing new features to your customers. You can refer alfresco wiki to get more details on these features. I will be publishing more post on how you can actually configure those features in alfresco.

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