Alfresco Site Analysis Dashlets

I have recently come across new dashlets added on site level within Alfresco which will gives you some analytical information about contents available in Alfresco. It will be very helpful for site administrators to track get quick idea around types of contents available in the site and activities of users of site.

Two main Dashlets which we are going to cover here are as follow.

  • Site Contributor Breakdown
  • Site File Type Breakdown

Out of box those dashlets are available but not visible on dashboard. You need to go to “Customize Dashboard” link to configure and add those dashlet in main dashboard of admin.

Analysis Dashlet

Let us see how it looks like.


Site Contributor Breakdown

This dashlet gives details about contribution done by individual users on give site. If you want to know more details related to particular user’s contribution click on name of that user and you will be able to see total contents uploaded by that user, total size of those contents and percentage of contribution.


Site File Type Breakdown

This dashlet gives breakdown of all contents which are uploaded to given site based on content type.

Here also you can get more details related to particular type by mouse hovering on that content type. It gives you percentage of that type in overall contents, Total size of that type of content and how many items available of that type.

It is good to see alfresco covering up all those areas where earlier it seems to be lagging behind. It will be exciting to see what else in the store from Alfresco related to these areas and how they are going to differentiate themselves in these areas from existing players.

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