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Alfresco share which is known for its nice user interface has really grown dramatically in last couple of years. One of the nice features of alfresco share is content preview. When we navigate to document details page of any content residing within alfresco share we are able to see preview of that content along with rest of the properties.

How alfresco Preview works?

Alfresco has many third party open-source tools integrated with it in backend (This is what makes alfresco such a powerful and desirable) which helps alfresco to deal with multiple content manipulation operations. For instance to create thumbnail of images and image transformation alfresco use imageMagicWorks tool, to transform from word to pdf it use Libreoffice or openoffice, So when content gets uploaded in alfresco it is being transformed using these tools and it create a new content which is compatible with alfresco previewer.

Issues with previewer

Alfresco previewer was depended on flash so flash plugin has to installed on browser to enable preview of content. It also does not have advance features like searching for particular word within content. highlighting those occurrences of word which is being searched.


There is a plugin available on alfresco share-extras (addons) library which is called alfresco media preview. It is having rich set of features which out of box previewer does not have, like word search and highlighting within alfresco preview. It is easy to install and use and it is not depended on flash player.

Media viewer of alfresco share

Media viewer of alfresco share

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