Alfresco Hybrid Architecture

Cloud. These are two main areas which will capture the future IT market. Because of increase in the popularity of these two fields all the traditional enterprise software’s needs to give serious thought and efforts to accommodate those things in their products. Trends in mobility and the rise of cloud-based content services have increased user expectations, but businesses still need to manage custom processes, integrate with existing data and systems as well as ensure content security meets compliance regulations. Alfresco has come up with the great solution for this called as Hybrid Architecture to meet these requirements. It allows on-premise content to share on cloud with total control over the document user has control over what are the documents to be shared till what time, what are the rights to be given, to the users whom it has to be shared. Also the same content could be accessed via mobile devices when the content is on cloud so it makes strong collaboration platform.

Sync to cloud feature allow any document to sync up from cloud to on-premise document. This is seen as great revolutionary architecture according to the analyst.

In a new SWOT analysis, Ovum writes of Alfresco:

A powerful capability is the hybrid cloud model, which allows organizations to combine an on-premise implementation for office-based employees and cloud access for remote workers and partners. This allows specific content to be made available to mobile workers and partners, which can be worked on and then synced back to the on-premise version.

The future of ECM is moving towards hybrid and customers and organizations are starting to embrace technology that empowers the future of ECM.

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