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One community moderator of TomatoCart (grantporter) has created an AddThis module for TomatoCart that can be included on any page and customized accordingly.

There are basically 12 preset layouts (including the default) as well as a custom option for defining your own buttons and layout. The module has quite a few options available to enable customization!


NOTE: Some versions of TomatoCart already have the Addthis buttons included on the product list pages, but this is not customizable because it has been hardcoded into those pages. This module will allow you to add your own preset button layouts or custom button layouts to any page in TomatoCart to enable you to allow your customers to share any pages you have the AddThis buttons on (not just the product list pages).

This version also allows you to setup AddThis Analytics which is like Google Analytics, and it is used for tracking which content pages were shared and it will also track whether anybody copied your page links from the address bar and shared the links (all this information can be very useful for marketing strategies).

How to install it:


Download the package and open archive to copy includes and templates to your TomatoCart directory. You need to override directories and files if your copy process request confirmation. Don’t worry about it because it will not impact other parts of your system. It just be a separated module for your system.


Go to your TomatoCart admin page and click Start->Templates->Template Modules->Content and look for the AddThis module in the list of modules and click the green install button, once it’s installed the button will change to red meaning it’s installed, then click the edit button (notepad and pencil) and begin adjusting the settings to your preference.



On your admin page select Start->Templates->Template Modules Layout->Content, when the form loads click the Add button and select the AddThis Social Bookmarking module from the module dropdown box, then select the pages you want to add the module to, and select a group (before or usually after) and give the module a sort order – and hit save when you are done.

Note: If you add the AddThis buttons to your product listing pages that already have the hardcoded AddThis buttons (not all versions of TomatoCart have the AddThis buttons hardcoded, if you don’t have them, then skip this step), if you do have them, then it is advisable that you turn off the hardcoded addthis buttons by going to Start->Configuration->Configuration->Product Listing Sort Order and find Display Social Bookmarks in the list and turn it off by setting it to false (this is to prevent the hardcoded script from interfering with some of the modules’ settings).

That’s it, procedure complete! Go to your (frontend) store pages and you will see the AddThis buttons now included on the pages you selected in the module settings!

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