AddShoppers Social Sharing Platform Integrated with TomatoCart 1.1.8

One of the reasons Internet retailers have been hesitant to invest more heavily in social media is that it has been difficult if not impossible to determine the actual return on investment from participation. Merchants essentially have no idea how social “shares” equate to the dollars they spend and earn.

Social commerce analytics promises to be a white-hot market in the very near future. One of the trailblazers in the field is AddShoppers – AddShoppers offers its services to all users for free.

What are the differences between AddShoppers and other applications ?

  • The service enables Internet retailers to measure their total social reach by showing what individual products are receiving the most views, shares, clicks and sales revenue. The platform also provides the ability to identify influencers – those that share content most often and those that have the most clout. By placing the AddShoppers buttons on their retail websites, online stores can gain higher margins, more traffic, better customer engagement and reduced cart abandonment. AddShoppers was the first social sharing platform to release Facebook Open Graph enabled“Want”and“Own”buttons.
  •  Users can embed social media sharing buttons on product pages that allow visitors and customers to share products on their favorite social networks. Users can also offer a small discount to anyone who shares their products with AddShopper’s pre-purchase promotion tool. The application also helps users visualize sales success through numerous reports.
  • l  To measure how social media impacts a retailer’s business, AddShoppers tracks when a customer shares a product, recording how many friends or followers clicked the link and how many people actually purchased the good as a result of the share. That way, online retailers can make sense of their social media marketing and learn from the information.

AddShoppers Features:

  1. Discover influencers and how they impact sales
  2. Learn which products are popular with which networks
  3. Add social media sharing buttons on retail websites
  4.  Offer a pre-purchase discount to consumers who share on social networks
  5. Find out what the ROI is when marketing on social networks

How does the registration process work?

A new user can begin by clicking the orange “Create Account” button in the upper, right corner of the AddShoppers homepage. The form that pops up asks the user for an email address, password, domain and retail category. The user is automatically logged in and can access the footer code that is required to begin utilizing AddShopper’s tools. Once the code has been embedded, the application will be able to detect and display social analytics.

Don’t have an account yet? Create your free AddShoppers account now and access these powerful social insights!

How AddShoppers Works?

The AddShoppers ‘ Social Analytics app is the engine that makes everything run. Used with their Sharing Buttons, they track shares, clicks on shared links, sales, and revenue. They track all of these metrics on 3 different levels: the individual product (SKU) level, the influencer (someone who shares) level, and the store-wide level. Using these results, They can calculate many valuable insights into your store’s social performance, such as:

  1. Average revenue per share.
  2. Average revenue per click.
  3. Average social order amount.
  4. Total number of shares.
  5. Total number of clicks.
  6. Number of shares per influencer (and what products they shared).
  7. Revenue driven per influencer.
  8. Average revenue per Like, Pin, Tweet, etc.
  9. Average number of clicks per Like, Pin, Tweet, etc.
  10. Demographics per product.
  11. Much more!
All of these insights are presented to you in your AddShoppers dashboard.

Figure 1. The dashboard of the AddShoppers for the TomatoCart Demo

How does the AddShoppers work in the TomatoCart?

  1. There is an AddShoppers box module in the Admin Panel->Templates->Template Modules->Boxes. Once you install it, it is possible to put the AddShoppers box in any page of the store through settings in the Admin Panel->Templates->Template Modules Layout->Boxes.  But, the position can’t be controlled. Whenever you set it to left or right, it just can be displayed at the top of the page as follows:

     Figure 2. The AddShoppers Box 

  2. There is an AddShoppers Module under Admin Panel->Modules so as to let the store owner configure the module.

    Figure 3. AddShoppers Setting Dialog Under Admin Panel->Modules->AddShoppers

    As you can see, it is possible to enter the username and password of your AddShoppers Account directly. If you haven’t an account yet, you could create a free account in it.

    After logging into the system, the settings panel will be displayed as follows:

    Figure 4. AddShoppers Setting Panel

    Now, two configurations – use default social buttons and use FaceBook Graph Buttons are available to you.

    If you have another theme or would like further customizations, please follow the instructions here.

Note: You must install the AddShoppers Box under Templates->Templates Modules->Boxes firstly. Then, the AddShoppers Module under Admin Panel->Modules could works normally. Otherwise, it works incorrectly. Please remember it.

If you need help for the AddShoppers Module, please visit Addshoppers eCommerce Forums

Enjoy it!

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