How to Add “with (member)” to the “In a relationship” Status for phpFox

I recently had a customer ask me how to add the (user/member) name of a person a member is “In a relationship” with on their phpFox website. This article will give you a step by step guide on how to easily add this feature!

In your admincp, under the Users menu item, select Manage Relationship Statuses  (at the bottom left corner) .

Scroll down to the bottom of the list and delete the last relationship status in the list.  It should be In a relationship (English(US))     {full_name} is in a relationship (English(US))     {full_name} is in a relationship (English(US))]

You will now add a NEW relationship status to replace that one.

At the top of the same page you will see the following:

Add the following:

Status name: In a relationship with {with_full_name}
Feed when confirmed:  {full_name} is in a relationship with {with_full_name}
Feed before confirming:  {full_name} is in a relationship
Requires Confirmation:  (I checked this box)

Select Add Status.

Your site should now properly show who your members are in a relationship with, if the other party confirmed the relationship, in both the Status on their profile, as well as in the activity feed.

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2 Comments on How to Add “with (member)” to the “In a relationship” Status for phpFox

  1. Kenny says:

    I’m still the same problem. says we’re in a relationship. bar but nothing comes up.

  2. Stephanie Brown says:


    Did you clear your site’s cache? Did the other person confirm the relationship?

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