Adding Custom Javascript and/or CSS to OxWall

This is a small tip on how to add a custom Javascript and/or CSS to your OxWall site!

Adding Custom Javascript and/or CSS to OxWall

  1. Log into your OxWall site as an admin
  2. Navigate to “Settings” then click “Main Settings” and then “Page Settings” tab
  3. You can add the script code or files in the header or tail sections depending on when you want them to be included
  4. Add the code the way you would normally add it in HTML

Help my HTML content isn’t changing!

Ok, this may not have been an issue for anyone who is familiar or has used Smarty Templates before. For me, it caused a bit of frustration. So, if you notice that as you are changing your content that it is not reflected in your HTML page, you probably need to clear out your “ow_smarty”->”template_c” folder. I’m not sure if there is a way to prevent this from being stored while developing, but it would be nice. If anyone knows a better way, please comment.

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One Comment on Adding Custom Javascript and/or CSS to OxWall

  1. Ana Massien says:

    I am trying to use javascript or jquery to add hashtags or @mentions to my oxwall newsfeed, without paying for the $40 newsfeed plugin. Besides, I don’t want to get notifications everytime someone hashes or mentions someone, like twitter. I just want it like facebook. Do you know if I can do this with java or jquery?

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