Adding Custom Customer Attributes in nopCommerce

There are times when some nopCommerce store admins finds themselves in a situation when the default registration form fields are not enough for their needs (if they would like to manage more information of the customers). In reality, it can be a very difficult task for a non-technical store admin to dive into the code and make the required modifications (in code and the database) for adding custom fields.

Now, nopCommerce project offers this feature in the administration section that allows store admins to add custom fields in a user-friendly way.

In order to add custom fields (which can be added easily in the “Register” page”, go to:
Administration > Configuration > Settings > Customer Settings

Go to “Customer form fields” tab and at the bottom you will see the option for adding “Custom customer attributes” – Click on “Add”


Once you finish adding your custom attribute, hit “save and continue” and then click on “Attribute values” tab for adding the dropdown values.

Click on “Add a new customer value” button to fill in the values.

Make sure you “SAVE” all the values.

Now when you logout and go to the public store > Register page

You should see your custom field like this:


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4 Comments on Adding Custom Customer Attributes in nopCommerce

  1. Anand Shah says:

    Hello Lavish Kumar,
    We are customizing an online jewellery store for one of our clients. When a customer is registering with this website, we want to know his/her anniversary date(if any). Do you know how can I achieve that?
    Any response will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance,
    Anand Shah

    • Lavish Kumar says:

      Hello Anand,

      There are 3 ways you can ask your customers for the anniversary date.

      1) You can customize the code of your nopCommerce based site (register page) and add a field something like “Enter anniversary date” and simply hook a calender to the field so that users can select the date (as if you follow this article above, you won’t find any custom field can be date time).

      2) Second, if you do not want to get into coding and keep it simple. Simply, add a custom field (following the above article) and add a “Textbox” and just ask your customers to enter the date manually in a format like: “Please provide your anniversery date (mm/dd/yyyy): [TEXTBOX]”

      3) Third, if you some of your products “REQUIRE” you to ask the date and you do not want EVERY customer to worry about filling out the date field dueing registration. You can simply, add a “Product Attribute” for the product where you need date and add a textbox field and make it required. So that, customers buying those products will enter the date in order to add the product in the shopping cart.

      Hope it helps!

  2. vijay says:

    i want to add browse button,means need to upload image

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