Adding Banners to Your ocPortal Website

add ocPortal banner typeBanners make up a key part of many websites and ocPortal has a banner system which allows you to display a number of banners in any of your site panels.  This is a three step process to be able to add banners to your site which includes creating a banner type, adding a banner and then attaching the banners to your page.

Creating a banner type

The first step is to create a banner type. There is a standard type which is 468px x 60px which is a wide banner. If you want to add any other type of banner, for example a tower banner for a side panel or a square banner, you will need to create a new banner type. To do this you need to:

  • Log in to your adminzone
  • Choose the banners options under the content section.
  • Choose add banner type
  • Once you get to the banner type form you need to fill in the form which includes
    • Giving the banner type a name
    • Choose whether the banner will be text style or not
    • Give the banner type a height and width
    • Choose the max file size the banners can have. This is important as large files can cause your site to run slowly

Uploading a banner to your new type

Adding a banner in ocPortalAfter you have added your new banner type you will need to add a banner to your new type before choosing where to display it on your site. To do this you will need to:-

  • Go back to the banner screen in the adminzone and choose add banner.
  • Give your new banner a name
  • Choose where the banner will link to when clicked
  • Choose the banner type the banner will fit in to  from the drop down

There are options for who the banner owner is which by default should have your username in there. There is a notes section and whether the banner is validated, i.e. is the banner is live or to be used later on.

The next section goes through the process of uploading the banner image and the options for if you are using a banner image which is already uploaded elsewhere. There is a box for trigger text if you have enabled this when you added your banner type. There is also a box for HTML/PHP if you have external banner code which you want to display.

The final section deals with what type the banner is. You can choose whether the banner is a permanent banner which will stay live all the time and you can also choose whether the banner is a campaign banner or a default fall back banner if there are no others to display.

The courtesy hits option is how many times the banner can be clicked before it is withdrawn from being used. You can also choose how important the banner is, so when you have a lot of banners this determines how often it will randomly appear. If you only have a few banners they will display more often.

The last option is the expiry date for a banner which will only display until this date. This is useful for campaigns which only last a certain amount of time. You can now click add banner. You will need to repeat the process as many times as you have banners to upload before moving on to displaying the banners on the site.

BannersAdding the new banners to your site

  • Navigate to the zone where you want the banners to appear
  • Click edit the panel where you want the banners to appear on for example the left panel
  • Click add comcode box and scroll down to Banner wave and select it
  • Choose the banner type you want to display
  • Choose the maximum number of banners you want to display. This is set to 100 which will be very long if you set this number lower than the number of banners you have uploaded it will randomly display the banners based on how important you set them in the previous process.
  • Click use and then save the panel you have edited.

Your banners should now display.

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