Adding an Activity Feed to your ocPortal Website

activity feedWhile social media has in some senses replaced many functions of traditional community or forum based websites, there is still a case for a separate community based site.  I personally am an advocate of a synergy between social media and a community based website. In any large group of people you will have some who don’t want to use social media and some who will not want to sign up to another website.

ocPortal boasts several addons which will help users sign in using Open ID or Facebook login. There is a range of core and additional features which will be familiar with and this post deals with one which will be very familiar to most users of popular social media sites. The Activity feed addon works in a similar way.

The addon comes as two main blocks. One of which displays the site activities and one allows you to post new activities. These blocks will be added to member profiles by default but can also be added to other pages. If the chat feature is installed onto your site, “status” posts can be restricted to show only for friends. If you have the Facebook or Twitter addons installed, then the system can syndicate out activities to the user’s Twitter and Facebook followers too. The blocks provided with this addon are called main_activities and the status entry box is called main_activities_state.

Installing the activity feed addon

Obviously the first thing you will need to do to utilise the Activity feed block is to install the addon. To do this:

  • Login to your adminzone.
  • Navigate to the Addons page which can be found in the Structure section of the adminzone.
  • Choose import non-bundled addons.
  • Expand the downloads section and choose Activity feed which is located under New features.
  • Click proceed
  • Check the list of files which will be updated and make sure nothing will overwrite any manual changes you have made to the system files
  • When you are happy please click proceed

The block should now be installed and ready to be used.

Adding the activity block to a page

You can of course use the block wizard but if you wish to add the block manually for any reason an example of the code can be found below

[block=”Activities” max=”10″ grow=”0″ mode=”all”]main_activities[/block]

This will display a block with the title Activities and will contain the last 10 activities. Any old activities will fall off the bottom of the block once more are added beyond the original 10 (grow=”0 and there is no filtering on what is shown. (mode=”all”).

Adding the Status update block to a page

To manually add the status update block you can use the following code or the block wizard

[block=”Update your status”]main_activities_state[/block]

This will add a status update block with the title Update your status

If you do have any issues with this block please post below and I will do my best to help. Alternatively you can post any technical issues here.

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