Adding New Page Options in ocPortal

Adding a new page in ocPortalAdding a new page is one of the most common tasks you will need to do with any website. This process is quite simple but I want to go through all of the options you have when creating a new page to make sure you don’t miss anything.

There are three ways you can go to add a new page to your ocPortal website. The first of this is when you are adding a page as a subpage of another page, you can go to the bottom of the parent page and click the ‘add child page’ option.

The second and third options are within the adminzone which you will need to log in to.

Add new page wizard

  • Log in to the adminzone
  • Choose ‘add new page’ wizard in the structure section of the adminzone
  • Choose the Zone you want the page to appear in
  • Give the page a code name which will appear in the web URL
  • Click Proceed
  • Choose the Menu you wish to use on the page
  • Give the page a title
  • Click proceed
  • Fill in the page information you want to add and add any information blocks you want to appear on the page
  • Choose if you want the page to be a subpage of another page within the zone.
  • Tweak the page permissions if you need to for example you can make the page hidden from guests
  • Click Preview
  • If you are happy click add comcode page

Adding a page via the content section

  • Log in to the adminzone
  • Navigate to the content section and choose comcode pages (you can view and edit any of the existing pages from this screen too)
  • In the box titled New at the bottom give your new page a name and click add. If you want to add the page to a different zone than the main welcome zone you need to include the zone name and page name separated by a colon in the new page name box. This will look something like “ZoneA:NewPage”
  • Fill in the main information and add any information blocks you need to add to the page.

You can add an information comcode block in the same way you would normally through the red square icon to display News pulled from elsewhere or a poll or any of the other useful blocks included in ocPortal as standard.

  • Choose if you want another page within that zone to be a supage of another page with the parent page drop down
  • Fill in the Search engine optimization information including any Keywords/phrases and the page description.
  • Select any usergroups you wish to not be able to access the page
  • Click Preview to make sure the page is ok and click save once you are happy with the page.

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