Adding a Language String to Dolphin 7.1.4

Hello and welcome! In today’s blog I’m going to show you how to modify the language strings in Dolphin 7.1.4.  Dolphin uses language strings to simplify the translation of your site into many different languages. In this example, we are going to change the “Copyright 2011 Your Company” in the sites footer to the name of our actual company.

First, we will log in to our Dolphin admin. Once there, click “languages settings” under the “settings” tab on the left menu bar.

Dolphin 7.1.4 language strings

Dolphin 7.1.4 language strings

Click “Keys” and type in part of what you are looking to change in the “Filter” bar. A check mark beside “apply” should appear automatically. Now hit enter to pull up the results.

searching for the copyright

searching for the copyright

Now, all the strings containing what we searched for will be displayed. I searched for “copyright” and there are three language keys containing that phrase, so our search only turned up three results. Put a check mark next to the result you want to edit and click “Edit”.

Change the text in the popup window to meet your needs and click “Save”.

Done! Now if you return to the homepage of your site you can see the results.

You can use this technique to change just about any text on your site, so it comes in handy for multiple things! Until next time, thanks for reading!

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