Add new page wizard

ocPortal bread crumb menu

In your admin zone hover over “Structure” and select “Add-New-Page Wizard.

Add a new page wizard in ocPortal

Step 1 of 3 asks us where we would like to add the new page and for this tutorial we will add the page to the site the fifth option.


This is the page name and not the page title! What you add here is what will make up the url of your page for example, I want to add an “About Us” page for the Codename I will use “AboutUs” type it in and click the “Proceed” button.


Add page to a menu

I am going to leave the default selection for the menu and my page will show in the main pages. I will cover the other menu options more completely at a later date.


You will notice that the Title is showing as AboutUs all we need to do is simply add a space between About and Us.

Create a page title in ocPortal

Click The “Proceed” button. You will be taken to the page editor.

New page editor

Editors will always open in WYSIWYG view, this is an easy method to create your pages and is a little like a word processor, easy to use, however you can turn off WYSIWYG but for now we will leave it alone.

We can go ahead and click on the under construction text and image and delete them, ready to add our own text.

Add your own text to a new page

Now click the “Add Comcode page” button.

The page is added to your site and a link in the menu is automatically added as you can see in the screenshot below.

Preview a newly created page

That’s how simple it is to add a new page in ocPortal. In the next tutorial we will change the Logo image.

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