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Whenever you initially install an e-Commerce platform (or any software for that matter) you are normally presented with default settings which you must then adjust and configure to meet your needs. For example, currencies. By default, OpenCart ships with 3 currencies though you can add as many as you’d like and also delete as many as you like.

You can access the currencies section by logging into your admin area and navigating to: System -> Localisation -> Currencies


OpenCart Currencies

Now if the currency which you want to use for your store is not available in this list you need to add your currency. Steps for adding new currency is as follow.

  1. Click on Add button available on top of that currencies list.Add Currency
  2. In the following page you need to fill in the details related to currency you want to add to your store.Add Currency1
  3. For the field: Currency code you need to add valid ISO code for new currency you are adding. You can find all of the currency codes here.
  4. It is very important to add valid currency code as it helps to get current exchange rates from online services.
  5. Click on “save” once you are done adding all details and it will show newly added currency in the list.

NOTE: You do not need to add value as currencies value is automatically calculated based on default currency setup in the store.

Add Currency2

Now you have one more currency available in your store which you could either use as default currency or currency for particular location.

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