How to Add Banners to Your Store

TomatoCart supports banners to be posted at store front-end. The Banners box module is available at:

After unzipping the package, there are three directories in it:

  • Admin
  • Includes
  • Templates

You just need to copy the three directories into your web root directory where your TomatoCart is installed.

Create Banners

First of all, you need to create the banners under Admin Panel->Tools->Banner Manager. In this module, you can create your own Image or Html Text Banner.

create banner

Title: The title will be displayed at the top of the banner;
Url: banner link; for Image Banner type only.
Group: Select Banner Group Name or create new;
Banner Type: Here you can set the type of new Banner: Image or Html Text;
Image:Enabled to upload the image; for Image Banner type only.
Scheduled Date & Expiry Date: Select start & end dates to banner will be displayed on storefront. Leave blank to display banner all the time.
Status: MUST be “checked” for banner to appear in your store. Status allows you to disable the banner from being showed on your site without having to delete it;
HTML Text: The HTML code of Text Banner.

Install the Banners Box

install banners box

Install the banners box under Admin Panel->Templates Modules->Boxes.

Display Title: Display the banner’s title in the store front;
Display The Box’s Frame: Choose YES to show box frame;
Banner Group: Select the banner group that you want to display the banners in the group;

Set Banners layout

As soon as you create your own banners and install the banners box module, it is time to set the layout of the banners under Admin Panel->Templates->Templates Modules Layout->Boxes.

set banners layout

The Banners Box displayed in the store front

What if setting the Display The Box’s Frame to true:

true frame

What if setting the Display The Box’s Frame to false:

false frame

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